1. Utilities are not meeting customer expectations

    There’s a large gap between expectations and what’s delivered.

  2. Everyone wants lower bills

    Consumers are looking for ways to save!

  3. People look to utilities for energy information

    Consumers want directed advice that is relevant and engaging.

  4. Customers value personalized energy insights

    Preferred channels vary, but everyone wants info from multiple channels, or the choice of channel.

  5. Everyone wants to know how they measure up

    Customers around the world have a strong gut reaction to hearing how their energy use compares to that of others. It’s human nature.

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5 Universal Truths

This report unveils a set of key insights that we’ve termed the “5 Universal Truths” — 5 things that are true for utility customers everywhere, irrespective of geography or regulatory environment. The paper also covers how utilities can use these truths to improve the customer relationship.

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5 Universal Truths

Watch a presentation by Nancy Hersh (Vice President of Analytics) and the lead analysts on our global research team (Laura Lewellyn and Julie O'Brien) to learn more about the study, and hear what customers everywhere want from their utilities.

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From this multi-year study, Opower identified what we call the “Five Truths” — five things that are almost universally true of utility customers around the world. Power quality and reliability are top of mind for utility customers, but increasingly they are looking for more, such as personalized feedback on their usage.

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  • Utilities and their customers: how the relationship is evolving
  • The next big opportunity for Asia’s utilities
  • Customer trends across Europe

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When we talk to utilities about customer engagement, they want to know if what we’ve already done in partnership with 90 utilities will also work for their specific customers, in their specific country. To answer these questions, and to understand how to deliver a powerful solution to customers around the world, Opower sponsored this global research study.

Utilities are Behind in Consumer Satisfaction

Customers expect more from their utilities. When it comes to cost, personalized information, and outreach — utilities fall short of customer demands.

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Research Approach

Our findings are based on a rigorous multi-year research effort across twelve countries. We used a comparative framework across markets and covered a range of topics relating to energy service expectations, satisfaction levels, and attitudes. We explored each market in depth through customer interviews and focus groups.

Research Map

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