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  • “Opower (NYSE:OPWR), the global leader in cloud-based software for the utility industry, today announced four appointments to its international leadership team to support the company’s growth in Europe and Asia. Opower’s international business is now led by Nadeem Sheikh, who has been promoted to Senior Vice President and General Manager, International, based in the U.K. An Opower veteran, Sheikh previously served as Opower’s Managing Director in Asia and also led Opower’s expansion to the U.S. West Coast. He is now responsible for all aspects of Opower’s business outside the Americas.”

    Opower Boosts International Leadership to Support Global Growth

    June 4, 2015

  • “OPWR had a great quarter that showed it closing two huge wins - big renewal and a recapture of its first ever customer. OPWR has slowly been optimizing its sales funnel as its salesforce matures, it appears it now has the sales road map dialed in. OPWR continues to make progress in closing its non-GAAP financial losses which is a good sing for those long the stock.

    Buy Opower: Two Huge Wins Are Just The Beginning

    June 4, 2015

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  • “Glendale Water & Power announced the continuation of its partnership with Opower (NYSE:OPWR), to support customers in saving energy during peak hours using Opower's behavioral demand response (BDR) solution, Peak Day Alerts. The companies also released the results of last summer's BDR program, which empowered GWP customers to reduce peak demand by six percent while driving an 85% customer satisfaction rate.”

    Glendale Water & Power Renews The Peak Day Alert Program to Help Customers Save Energy During Peak Times

    June 25, 2015

  • “The Tibbitts’ story is just one example of why Rocky Mountain Power is tucking home energy reports into electric bills. The reports don’t just inform customers, but they also motivate them. Doing better turns out to be a big incentive to use less electricity.”

    Electric Bill Reports Help Save Energy

    May 28, 2015

  • “Utilities are finally getting into the game, already figured out by Amazon and Netflix, of analyzing who you are and sending personalized communications that suit you.Illinois-based Commonwealth Edison is taking this kind of customized marketing to a new height with a segmentation tool now offered by Opower.With this program, you are no longer a generic electricity consumer who will receive a generic message about the value of saving energy.  Instead, you’re someone who lives in a 10-year-old house, heated by natural gas. You bought a refrigerator last year, and you have a pool. And while you’re a bit skeptical, you’re willing to pursue energy efficiency, if its virtues are presented to you in a certain way. The utility’s job is to figure out the way.”

    Saving Energy: I’ll Do it My Way

    April 14, 2015

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